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Virtual Meditation

June 30, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Join the Palo Alto Art Center for weekly virtual meditations with stress management consultant Julie Forbes, Ph.D. on Thursdays at noon, January 27-June 30. This series is presented in conjunction with Creative Attention: Art and Community Restoration.

Our series will kick off on January 27 with Breathing for Well-being. Sessions will continue with Mindfulness Meditation the first Thursday of each month; Mindful Body Scan Meditation the second Thursday of each month; Loving Kindness Meditation the third Thursday of each month; Guided Visualization Meditation fourth Thursday of each month; and Mindful Progressive Muscle Relaxation the fifth Thursday of the month.

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Julie Forbes, Ph.D. is an educator, consultant and facilitator offering stress reduction and mindfulness to corporate and community organizations, groups, and individuals.  She is currently teaching mindfulness-based stress reduction programs at variety of locations including Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, and Avenidas.  Julie has worked in the computer industry since 1982 and received a doctorate in psychology in 1999.



Class Description

January 27th (Kickoff): Breathing for well-being

Learn several diaphragmatic breathing practices that will bring your body and mind out of stress reactivity and back toward balance.  This hour will discuss automatic stress reactivity, recognizing symptoms that manifest when you are stressed, and how you can use the breath to counter the stress response.


1st week of each month: Mindfulness Meditation
Engage in Mindfulness meditation to bring and maintain your awareness in the present moment.  Practicing mindfulness will help you use your senses to calm an agitated mind and gain insight into your reactivity. This hour includes guided Mindfulness meditation, plus discussion or Q&A.


2nd week of each month: Mindful Body Scan Meditation

Engage in a Mindful Body Scan meditation using your body as the primary object to bring and maintain your awareness in the present moment. Paying attention to your direct experience will help you cultivate greater stillness in your body and mind. This hour includes guided Mindful Body Scan meditation, plus discussion or Q&A.


3rd week of each month: Loving Kindness Meditation

Engage in a Loving Kindness meditation to bring intentions of kindness and goodwill to yourself and extend those intentions to others.  This hour includes guided Loving Kindness meditation, plus discussion or Q&A.


4th week of each month: Guided Visualization Meditation

Engage in a Guided Visualization meditation to use the power of your own mind to promote relaxation.  This hour includes Guided Visualization meditation, plus discussion or Q&A.


5th week of the month: Mindful Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Engage in a Mindful Progressive Muscle Relaxation practice to recognize and actively release tension in your body, bringing your body and mind into a state of greater ease.  This hour includes guided Mindful Progressive Muscle Relaxation practice, plus discussion or Q&A.


June 30, 2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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